Useful Resources


An easy introduction into mindfulness for children up to 11, this especially focuses on getting ready to sleep

A short film to support children who may have experienced bereavement

The Magic Shell guided meditation to help soothe and calm busy minds

Your Secret Treehouse -guided mediation to soothe busy minds and bodies

Spaceship to the Moon- Guided meditation to take you to the stars!

 A short video which will help to explain to your child about their thoughts, how they pop up like bubbles. How we can learn to let them float by without them becoming a worry

WHY DO WE LOSE CONTROL OF OUR EMOTIONS- a great video to explain why we have emotions and how are brain works

PARTLY CLOUDY- a video to watch together and see how many emotions you can spot, maybe have a chat about why they felt them?

THE PRESENT- a video that looks at being different, being accepted and those strong feelings of anger, disgust and acceptance

LIFTED- a great Pixar short film to enjoy together

BOUNDIN- A short film about accepting who you are

THE COLOUR MONSTER STORY- a story to explain about all our emotions and how they can get jumbled up

THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT– A story about having to do something when you don’t want to.

There are lots more videos on YouTube to cover all different emotions is there is something in particular you would like to watch with your child.

Here are some ideas that should be quite easy to do at home and do not need too many craft items- lots of these will be things that you did (or may still do) with your children before they started school.

Making and playing together is really important, it is a great way for your child to experience different senses and then think about times they might feel like this linked to their emotions (for example a spiky pine cone- they might feel spiky as they start to get annoyed).

  • Slime making -we know it’s messy but kids really love it!
  • Baking -this is a great activity to do together, it’s sensory, plus you all get to enjoy what you have made and your child will enjoy the feeling of success/independence throughout the experience as they improve their skills
  • Calm down jars/bottle- these are fun and cheap to make and are a great tool to support anxious or nervous children, or if you really need to support your child to find some calm quiet time. We like using old drinks bottles and gluing the lid on so it doesn’t all come out!
  • Junk modelling- robots, cars, unicorns etc. Use up all your old recycling, add some paint and see where your imaginations can take you!
  • Paper mache projects- these need a little more time to make, but they can be something simple and quick, or make masks and then have fun acting together or even make an ornament to keep to remember the fun time
  • I Spy- time together to look and notice what is around. Whether you are in the car or just filling time, a great game to help refocus if your child has started to become overwhelmed or a little wild.
  • Treasure hunts/ Den building, indoors or outside- these are great to develop that curiosity, to get hands on in nature. Once you have built something, they can become a safe cosy play to read a book or have some quiet chill out time. If you are outside, try using the 5 senses and practise grounding ( a brilliant tool for adults and children when our thoughts start to runaway with us).
  • Bracelet making- you don’t need a special kit, have a look around and see what you have to make a bracelet- don’t forget your pasta in the cupboard!
  • Painting projects- massive sheets of paper on the floor, or a small sheet on the table. This is fun to do, or a chance to ask your child to paint a feeling and see what they make. Remember if you are painting feelings, give it a go too.
  • Make a film, editing/photo taking- take those photos on a phone and tell a story, practise making funny faces, or record a family pet. Enjoy what you have made together.
  • Guided meditation- a fantastic skills for us all, there are brilliant videos on YouTube. This can help for getting to sleep, or if you have a child who finds it hard to switch their thoughts off. Drift off to another place and learn to let your thoughts just drift by and not have to do anything with them.

For more ideas as well as many others here are some of our favourite and tested websites HAVE FUN!  millions of ideas of everything you can think of!  arts, crafts and projects  art & craft and activities  art & craft ideas    meditation and yoga, healthy movement  arts & crafts      arts & crafts   fun science experiments     simple mindfulness for calming children, supporting sleep and managing worries using arts to express how we are feeling, lots of free ideas a fun website with characters for different emotions as well as lots of fun printables

As we find more articles and website we will keep adding them onto here, so keep an eye out!