Thrive Approach


At the Federation of Fairfield and Colneis we know that the most important thing for all children is to feel safe and secure and from such a strong base amazing learning can take place.

Just as we support all children to develop their academic skills, we strongly believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn about their emotions and how they influence our social interactions and ultimately our learning and lives. Every child at the Federation from Reception through to Year 6 will have the chance to develop their social and emotional skills and learn how their brain works and influences their emotions.

Every child is an individual and will react differently to challenging emotional situations, whether they are day to day or unexpected life events. Since 2018 we have adopted a whole school approach to supporting all children with their social and emotional wellbeing and development using the Thrive Approach. By using the Thrive Approach we are able to screen whole classes so that teachers can support all children to develop their social and emotional skills at an age appropriate level. We are also able to create individualised support offering tailor made sessions for children after consent has been given by their parent or guardian.

We recognise that life does not always run smoothly, sometimes unexpected events happen such as family bereavement, families separating, as well as the usual developmental challenges of friendships, family relationships and challenges at school. By supporting every child to understand how emotions affect us and our decisions, we can support every child to become successful life-long learners.