Reading at Home

Helping a child to grasp reading and comprehension skills is one of the most important ways in which all parents can support their child at home.

When you are reading with your child you can help them to improve their understanding by discussing what they have read. Ask them questions about the text, their ideas about what could happen next or whether they are enjoying the book. Encourage them to tell you what stories and information they know.  Discuss their opinions about how things might be different in stories or in the world.

Let them see you, and join you in, reading; TV, magazines, letters, instructions, charts, signs … and remember your child will like to hear you read to them as much as they like reading to you!

If your child is a reluctant reader this can be even more important. Don’t force them to read but read to them or make it a game or challenge, taking turns. Read a comic or anything else they choose. If they are enjoying reading it is more likely to become a skill and a pastime they will carry into the future.

Oxford Reading Tree – Oxford Owl Reading has 250 free eBooks for you to share with your child as well as activities and games to help your child with their reading at home.

You’ll also find helpful advice from educational experts on many areas including phonics, motivating boys and how to help a child who is struggling with their reading.

Reading Tips – 10 tips on hearing your child read – when they are just starting
Letter sounds and blending – Help your child to learn and practise sounding out and blending letters into words the way the children do in school.

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