What support is there for behaviour, avoiding exclusion and increasing attendance?

We are very aware that difficult behaviour is likely to be a symptom of an underlying issue. We endeavour to work with a child and their family to identify what might be causing the problem and then work to support them in moving forward

  • At both schools we have a very positive and inclusive approach to all types of behaviour with a clear rewards and consequences system that is followed by all staff and pupils.
  • After any behaviour incident we expect the child to reflect on their behaviour with an adult. Often they will be asked to complete a reflection form. This helps to identify why the incident happened and what the child needs to do differently next time to change or improve their behaviour.
  • If your child has on going behavioural difficulties we will talk to you and your child together. We will often write a Behaviour Management Plan to identify the specific issues and how best to manage them. It will include the sort of support the school will be giving your child. Short term, achievable targets will also be set for your child and these will be reviewed regularly with you. We will meet with you as often as necessary to do this, even if it is as much as once a week. We will also endeavour to provide brief daily feedback if this is considered helpful and always seek to celebrate the positive. This will be done through a brief word on the playground or a quick note in the home/school book.
  • The attendance of every child is monitored on a daily basis by the Admin Team. If your child is absent and you haven’t written or called to tell us why you will be contacted by us.
  • Lateness and absence are recorded and reported upon to the Senior Leadership Team. The registers are also inspected regularly by the Education Welfare Officer. Children with full attendance are rewarded at end of term celebration assemblies. Studies show that good attendance is directly linked to good attainment and progress. Our Family Support Worker will work with any family who is struggling with lateness and attendance to support them in overcoming the difficulties.

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