How will the school prepare and support my child when joining the school and transferring to a new school?

We place huge importance on ensuring that children are well prepared for the next stage in their education and feel comfortable and supported through any transitions

  • We encourage all new children to visit either school prior to starting when they will be shown around and meet their teachers. A series of induction events are planned for pupils and parents for all children starting in Nursery, Reception or transferring from Fairfield to Colneis at the end of Year 2. This is also the case for Year 6 pupils on transfer to High School.
  • There is a buddy system in place to support Year 2 pupils when they move to Colneis. They are given the opportunity to build up a relationship with a Year 5 pupil during their time in Year 2 so when they start at Colneis they have a buddy who is then in Year 6.
  • We write social stories and make transition books with any children for whom it is considered transition may prove difficult or especially worrying. These include key information about the new setting and relevant photographs of staff and parts of the school building. They will also focus on any key areas of change that may be causing anxiety. The children are encouraged to take them home and share them with their families.
  • We recognise that some children, including those with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND), will need something in addition to our planned transition programme. Such pupils will have an extended transition programme put in place that is tailored to meet their individual needs. This may include additional visits to the school to assist with the child becoming more familiar with their new surroundings and new key adults. Staff will accompany children on any of these additional visits to support them and work through any questions or specific issues that arise.
  • Staff from the receiving school will liaise with the staff from the feeder school to discuss each child’s specific needs and hand over any paperwork. Staff from the receiving school will also visit pupils in their existing school to meet them in a familiar setting and observe how their current teachers manage their individual needs. This also includes visiting pre-school settings when children first join us in Reception. Where staff and parents feel there is a need we will hold a Professionals Meeting prior to transition to ensure that the child’s needs are fully understood and that we have the correct provision in place.
  • The SENCO is always available to meet with you at the end of each academic year to discuss your child’s transition into the next school or year group to explore any concerns and adjust plans for meeting your child’s needs.
  • Most of the secondary schools our pupils move on to run extended transition programmes for any pupils with additional needs. Whether or not such a programme would be beneficial for your child will be discussed with you and your child at the relevant time.
  • If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) from the school you wish your child to attend after leaving us will be invited to attend your child’s Annual Review in their final year at Colneis.

Reception Parent

‘I really appreciated the meeting between the school SENCO, Nursery SENCO, outside professionals and reception teachers. I was able to discuss all of my child’s needs and my concerns.’

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