How will my child be able to contribute their views?

Pupil Voice is very important to us at Fairfield and Colneis and we seek to gather pupil views when we make key decisions and as part of our monitoring processes. Research shows that pupil participation has positive benefits for behaviour and community cohesion; it develops a feeling of responsibility and helps children take ownership of their own learning

We believe that children have clear views about their needs and what helps them to succeed and that these views need to be respected

  • Each school has a school Council whereby pupils can express their views on all aspects of school life and contribute towards any changes
  • Staff, including the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), regularly carry out pupil perception interviews to gather information about how pupils feel about their learning, what supports them in their learning and what would improve things further for them
  • Children on the Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) register who have an individual Pupil Passport will regularly discuss their learning and progress with their class teacher. They will also work together with staff to set their targets
  • When formal meetings are held between parents, school staff and any outside professionals pupils will be encouraged to contribute their views by either attending the meeting or expressing them to an adult prior to the meeting who will then deliver them on the child’s behalf. We try to encourage children to take part in this process but remain sensitive to their age and their individual needs. We recognise that children taking part in formal meetings is something that we will need to build up to gradually over the years so that children develop their confidence in being able to take part in formal decision making.

Year 4 parent

‘I believe that when my child is concerned they are listened to and the concerns are acted upon.’

Year 6 pupil

‘My teacher will always listen to me. When things go wrong she lets me start again.’

Year 5 pupil

‘My teacher always lets me ask questions so I can try to understand things better.’

Year 6 pupil

‘My teacher always wants to make sure that I am feeling happy about everything.’

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