How accessible is the school environment?

  • Both schools are wheelchair accessible. The schools are all on one level with ramps at specified fire exits.
  • Emergency evacuation plans are drawn up for any wheelchair users/people with limited mobility with a designated route and an alternative route clearly identified.
  • Both schools have a disabled toilet large enough to accommodate changing
  • Fairfield has a shower and changing bed.
  • Accommodating children who need adaptations to the school environment is carefully considered each year when children move classes and changes/adaptations made as necessary.
  • We strongly advise parents to meet with us as soon as possible so we can explore the accessibility of the school with your child’s needs in mind and make any additional changes identified.
  • We regularly audit the school’s accessibility with a range of other professionals (e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists, health and safety officers)
  • We liaise with advisers from the Equalities and Minority Ethnic Attainment Team (EMEA) to assist us in supporting families with English as an additional language
  • Pupils have access to ICT and adapted equipment to support their physical needs as required

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