Explaining things to you

We aim to be child and family centred so you can expect ‘no decision about me without me’

  • When we assess for Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) we will discuss with you what we are assessing and the results of that assessment. We will also want you to share with us your perceptions of how your child is functioning in school and what their understanding and behaviour is like at home.
  • Following on from this we will plan what support might be appropriate and share this information with you.
  • Progress and the outcomes of any support will be regularly reviewed and fed back to you. Support will be adapted in light of this to ensure your child’s needs continue to be met.
  • The class teacher will meet with you at least on a termly basis to discuss your child’s needs and progress towards their targets, (this could be part of parent’s evenings but class teachers will always make an additional appointment to talk to you as the need arises).
  • The Headteacher/SENCO will offer appointments to discuss your child on scheduled parent’s evenings but is available at any time to talk things over with you.

It is easy to assume that all is well if we don’t hear from parents. If you would like more information about anything regarding your child’s needs or progress PLEASE ASK

Year 2 parent

‘The school always keeps us involved and up to date with concerns, progress etc.’

Reception parent

‘The school has been very good at liaising with me, as the parent, to enable continuity of my child’s learning at home; which reduces anxiety for us both.’

Year 1 parent

‘All concerns were addressed so I was very pleased.’

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