Fairfield School Council

Both Fairfield and Colneis have regular School Council meetings. Representatives from each class will meet together each term with a member of staff to discuss issues about school life. Each representative will bring to the meeting the thoughts and ideas of their class, and discuss possible solutions to the issues on the agenda. Topics have included the purchase of play time equipment, changes to the school day, the outside area and lunch times. The discussions are always lively and productive and we try to incorporate the children’s ideas as much as possible in the running of the school.

September 2019

School Council Autumn Term 2018

The Fairfield School council representatives from September 2018 are

Reception –

Lara Beck

Frankie Albitt

Lucy Fellingham

Myles Corne

Francesca Hockley

Blake Phillips

Year 1 –

Lauren Robinson

Perry Willis

Lottie Conway

Joe Marsh

Macie Fletcher

Freddie Maclean

Year 2 –

Evie Baldwin

Jodie Day

Stacey Kalo-Osbourne

Henry Bloomfield

Amelia Johnson

Noah Jones

In the autumn term, the children met to introduce themselves and discuss the role and responsibilities of being a school council representative, They shared ideas as to why they felt they were suitable for the role and there was a group discussion about the qualities that help to make you a good representative like being friendly, a good listener, someone that is honest and sensible and being confident when speaking around others.

The school council representatives are ready for their first active meeting where they can collect and share views from their peers and help to find solutions and put forward ideas to issues raised by the Senior Leadership team.