Clubs at Fairfield

1st half Autumn Term 2020 

We are delighted that Premier have agreed to continue to provide after school provision to help engage our children in sport and physical activity. There will, of course, need to be some alterations in how this is delivered, to ensure the offer is safe and adhering to government guidelines and recommendations.

In addition to the below changes in provision, Premier have provided additional training, policies and resources for all their staff in:

  • Transed Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention, Mitigation and Management
  • Prevent Covid-19 Qualification
  • Social Distancing session plans and content for all provisions
  • Covid-19 specific risk assessments
  • Covid-19 Delivery Manual

Monday to Friday: Play Active Wrap Around care (N-Y6)

Every day – 3:15pm until 4:45pm or 6pm from Thursday 3rd September – Friday 18th December.  £6.50 or £12 per session.  See the Wraparound Care section on the school website for more details. Venue: Fairfield Infant School. 

Monday: After School Football (Y2 only)
7 weeks, commencing Monday 7th September – Monday 19th October, 3.30-4.30pm. £34.65. Venue: Colneis Junior School.

Monday: After School Futsal (Y4 only)
7 weeks, commencing Monday 7th September – Monday 19th October, 3.30-4.30pm. £34.65. Venue: Colneis Junior School.

Tuesday: After School Tag Rugby (Y5 only)
7 weeks, commencing Tuesday 8th September – Tuesday 20th October, 3.30-4.30pm. £34.65. Venue: Colneis Junior School.

Wednesday: After School Curling (Y1 and Y3 only)
7 weeks, commencing Wednesday 9th September – Wednesday 21st October, 3.30-4.30pm. £34.65. Venue: Colneis Junior School.

Wednesday: Code Club Y4

Wednesday 11th September – Wednesday 9th December 15:30-16.45.  Mrs Malheiro will be running this free club, available to Y4 pupils, for the Autumn Term.  Places are strictly limited to 15 pupils and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Places will be reallocated for the Spring Term.

The club may be of interest to any pupil who has an interest in coding or would like to learn more.  Please visit the code club website for more information  Please contact the school office to book a place. *Please note – this club is now full for the Autumn Term*

Thursday: After School Athletics (Y6 only)
7 weeks, commencing Thursday 10th September – Thursday 22nd October, 3.30-4.30pm. £34.65. Venue: Colneis Junior School.

Friday: Performing Arts Street Dance (Y5 only)
7 weeks, commencing Friday 11th September – Friday 23rd October, 3.30-4.30pm. £34.65. Venue: Colneis Junior School.

How it will run differently for September-December:

  • Premier will aim to deliver all the activity sessions outside, and will be registering and deregistering on the playground or field
  • Children will be kept within their school ‘bubbles’ with an activity area set out for each group, these will be colour coded with cones, so by the second visit, you’ll already know where your child needs to go on arrival
  • Activities chosen will have minimal sharing of equipment, and where this does happen, they will be wiped and cleaned ready for the next person to use
  • Children to bring their own water bottles as usual

To book on any Premier clubs please follow the links below or phone 01953 499040 for further information.

Premier Wrap Around Care at Fairfield

Premier After School Sports Clubs at Colneis

Please note that booking for our courses will be done on a first come first served basis so please book quickly to avoid disappointment.  For Wrap Around Care, children from Colneis will be escorted by Premier staff in a walking bus to Fairfield at the end of the school day.  Any Fairfield children attending sports clubs at Colneis will need to be taken to the venue by parents/carers.