Our Curriculum

The National Curriculum sets out what pupils should be taught and attainment targets set out the expected standards of pupils’ performance. It is for schools to choose how they organise their school curriculum to include the programmes of study.

At Fairfield and Colneis, we follow a ‘theme-based’ approach to the curriculum.  This means that wherever possible, we group our subjects around a theme.  The themes we choose depend on two factors: what areas of the National Curriculum we must cover and the interests and needs of the children.

Not all subjects can naturally ‘fit’ within a theme and so these subjects are taught separately, e.g. Religious Education. Not everything in Maths links effectively with a theme and so this often runs separately, but links are made whenever possible. Science can lend itself to lots of very engaging topics – animals and plants both offer lots of scope – whereas other Science areas will be taught as ‘mini-topics’, e.g. a two week theme of Solids and Liquids.

For more detail on what your child’s year group are studying term by term please visit their year group page:

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Helping your child at home

There are lots of ways that you can help your child at home: do make sure, for example, that you read frequently with your child, and support them with the current learning that’s taking place in school by encouraging them to complete and hand in any homework on time. There are also some useful tips and websites on the Parents page.

You will also find website links on each year group’s page with games for children to play at home linked to literacy, maths and curricular themes specific to their year group.