Fairfield School Council

Both Fairfield and Colneis have regular School Council meetings. Representatives from each class will meet together each term with a member of staff to discuss issues about school life. Each representative will bring to the meeting the thoughts and ideas of their class, and discuss possible solutions to the issues on the agenda. Topics have included the purchase of play time equipment, changes to the school day, the outside area and lunch times. The discussions are always lively and productive and we try to incorporate the children’s ideas as much as possible in the running of the school.

School Council Autumn Term 2018

The Fairfield School council representatives from September 2018 are


Reception –

Lara Beck

Frankie Albitt

Lucy Fellingham

Myles Corne

Francesca Hockley

Blake Phillips


Year 1 –

Lauren Robinson

Perry Willis

Lottie Conway

Joe Marsh

Macie Fletcher

Freddie Maclean


Year 2 –

Evie Baldwin

Jodie Day

Stacey Kalo-Osbourne

Henry Bloomfield

Amelia Johnson

Noah Jones


In the autumn term, the children met to introduce themselves and discuss the role and responsibilities of being a school council representative, They shared ideas as to why they felt they were suitable for the role and there was a group discussion about the qualities that help to make you a good representative like being friendly, a good listener, someone that is honest and sensible and being confident when speaking around others.

The school council representatives are ready for their first active meeting where they can collect and share views from their peers and help to find solutions and put forward ideas to issues raised by the Senior Leadership team.

School Council July 2017

School Council Spring Term 2017

School Council Spring Term 2017

The school council met on Tuesday 7thth March with Mrs Wheeler and Mr Rimmer.  Council members had previously been given the following questions to discuss with their class:

  1. Do you feel safe in school?
  2. Do you feel safe in:
    1. The playground?
    2. Your classroom?
    3. The hall?
    4. On the field/back green?
  3. Is there any time or any place in school when/where you don’t feel safe? If so, why don’t you feel safe?
  4. Is there anything that we can do to help you feel more safe?
  5. Who would you speak to in school if you didn’t feel safe?

At the meeting, it was shared that the vast majority of children said they felt safe in school and felt they knew who they could speak to if they ever didn’t feel safe.   Some actions were also agreed, including:

  • Some of the younger children explained they felt a bit worried about going on the back green in the better weather because they might not be able to see an adult and some of the bushes were prickly. It was agreed that before we start to go on the back green the class teachers will take them out for some practise.
  • All children agreed that we can all help each other if anyone is feeling scared or not safe by:
    • Being kind
    • Working as a team
    • Holding hands
  • Some of the Reception children said they didn’t feel safe if they were working independently and not with an adult. The children in KS1 reassured them that they will still get lots of help in Y1 and Y2, but they will learn how to work independently in time and it’s really not that bad!

Well done councillors and thank you!

School Council Autumn 2016

School Council Members

  • Reception- Scott Pitts, Annabel Pilcher, Toby Symonds
  • Year 1-Edward May, Regan Smith, Alice Graves
  • Year 2 – Saffron Pearl, Jack Lowdell, Huziafah Lulat

Also In attendance were Mrs Wheeler and Mr Cook (School Sitemanager)

Discussion Topic -How to keep our school and classrooms clean and tidy?

Some of the ideas raised from class discussion were…

  • tucking in chairs
  • disposing of rubbish properly in and out of the classroom (fruit peel into bins, paper towels into bin after hand washing)
  • placing coats on hooks not the floor
  • helping others to tidy away after wet play
  • keeping year group packed lunch/water bottle trollies tidy and clean
  •  as a whole class helping to keep the school library tidy after use by putting books away on shelves
  • not touching items on displays on walls and pulling at paper borders
  • keeping ourselves tidy by wearing appropriate uniform, tucking in shirts and not chewing jumpers
  • using paper recycling bins in the classroom to help the environment

The school council agreed that these points also linked to all of the Fairfield 5 star rules and was an important part of being a pupil at Fairfield.

Mr Cook listened to all the children’s ideas and was pleased that they had thought carefully about how to help keep the school tidy. The children were surprised to find out that Mr Croft has a team of cleaners that keep our school clean and he explained some of the duties they perform everyday so our school is ready each morning when the pupils arrive.

Some of the ideas the children came up with on informing others of how we can all work together to keep the school tidy were:

  • making information posters to put around the school
  • school council members sharing information during whole class circle time
  • introduce a whole class caretaker’s certificate as a reward for the best tidy classroom.