Colneis School Council

School Council Reps Sept 2018

Ems Harrison 3A Conor Wisdom 3B
Edward May 3C Charlie Cooper 4A
Jesse Jennings 4B Ariella Roig-Meyn 4C
Charlie Wright 5A Oakley Thomas 5B
Elsie Connell 5C Ruby Davies 6A
Harvey Lee 6B Millie Fisher 6C

We would like to congratulate the new team of school council representatives who have been elected by their classes this year.

So far this half term, they have already begun discussing how they can make the school a better place. Our first meeting was held at the end of September and chaired by Edward May- he did a fantastic job and set the bar high for the next meeting’s chairperson.

Well done councillors! You make a great team, and we look forward to what the rest of the year will bring.

Well done also to the Eco Warriors that have be elected this year! They have got to work already, looking after the environment and learning about Fairtrade.

Whilst carrying out a litter pick from Colneis Junior School to town, the Eco Warriors also recorded how much litter was left on the paths and roads. They are pleased to announce that Colneis Road was very clean with not much litter at all.

To learn about Fairtrade, the Eco Warriors visited the Co-op in Felixstowe. Whilst there, they were split into groups, given a basket and set a challenge to find and collect as many Fairtrade products as they could find. After working hard to learn about Fairtrade so they can share their knowledge with the rest of the school, they were rewarded with Fairtrade chocolate and bananas – a great day for all involved!