Colneis Junior Staff

Mr Keith Rimmer Acting Headteacher
(Fairfield and Colneis)
SEN, Assessment
Mrs Lisa Ransom Acting Deputy Headteacher
(Fairfield and Colneis)
Mrs Anne Marks SENDCO Consultant
(Fairfield and Colneis)
Mrs Katrina Livingstone Year 6 teacher
– year group leader
Mrs Julia Steele Year 6 teacher PHSE and School Council
Mrs Luisa Letts Year 6 teacher
(currently on maternity leave)
Mrs Catherine Parker (covering maternity leave)
Ms Kathy Spurgeon Year 5 teacher
– year group leader
Miss Naomi Roberts Year 5 teacher MFL
Mrs Gillian Game Year 5 teacher (job share) Geography
Mrs Jane Castle Year 5 teacher (job share) History
Mr Adam Teare Year 4 teacher (Year Group Leader) PE
Miss Emily Clarke Year 4 teacher Computing
Mrs Becky Wyard Year 4 teacher (job share) PHSE, Eco Schools and School Council
Mrs Laura Rowlandson Year 4 teacher (job share) PE, Playleaders
Mrs Caroline Churchyard Year 3 teacher – year group leader Maths
Miss Tamsin Aberdein Year 3 teacher (job share) DT
Mrs Mandy Mackenzie Year 3 teacher (job share) Art
Miss Charli Lucas Year 3 teacher RE
Mrs Anna Drahokoupil Teacher (job share)
Miss Elizabeth Storey Cover supervisor
Mrs Dawn Piper Family Support Worker
(Fairfield and Colneis)
Mrs Zibby Parker Behaviour Support Assistant
Mrs Nicola Walker Higher Level Teaching Assistant RE
Mr Gregory Gooch Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Laura-Beth Hammond Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maria Brennan Teaching Assistant Co-ordinator
Mrs Fay Liffen Teaching Assistant
Mrs Heidi Lymer Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Jones Teaching Assistant
Miss Laura Bailey Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sharon Kellett Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maria Malheiro Teaching Assistant EAL
Mrs Lisa Hall Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Stack Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kayleigh Norman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dawn Luck Teaching Assistant
Mrs Linda Moore Teaching Assistant
Mrs Preet van den Ende Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sam Szczesiak Teaching Assistant
Miss Natasha Jeffery Teaching Assistant
Mrs Libby Winton Business Manager
(Fairfield and Colneis)
Mrs Nicky O’Brien Admin Assistant
Mrs Claire Cheesman Admin Assistant
Mrs Laura Lynch Admin Assistant
Mr Vince Cook Site Manager
(Fairfield and Colneis)
Mrs Pauline Throup Cleaner
Mrs Natalie Gould Cleaner
Mrs Lorraine Harper Cleaner
Mrs Jane King Head of Kitchen
Mrs Beverley Oswald Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Lynne Birchall Senior MDSA
Mrs Julie Baldwin MDSA
Mrs Sarah Rance MDSA
Mrs Dawn Didcock MDSA
Mrs Anna Stennett MDSA
Mrs Jennifer Capewell MDSA
Ms Christine Cracknell MDSA
Mrs Hannah Lowdell MDSA
Mrs Fiona Cartwright MDSA
Mrs Debbie Harold MDSA
Mrs Sophia Tonks MDSA