Information for Parents

Information for parents-2018 national curriculum tests at the end of key stages 1 and 2

As part of the reforms to the national curriculum, the system of ‘levels’ used to report children’s attainment and progress was removed from September 2014.

The programmes of study within the new National Curriculum (NC) set out expectations at the end of each key stage, and all maintained schools will be free to develop a curriculum relevant to their pupils that teaches this content. The curriculum must include an assessment system which enables schools to check what pupils have learned and whether they are on track to meet expectations at the end of the key stage, and to report regularly to parents. (Department for Education 2014)

In light of this, we have reviewed our assessment methodologies and transferred to an assessment system without levels.  By reviewing a broad range of evidence including work in class, observations, tests and tasks and discussions with children, class teachers will assess children against a number of Key Performance Indicators.  Over the course of an academic year, these assessments will build a picture of the child’s understanding of the curriculum content and help to identify their next steps in learning.  To enable class teachers and senior leaders to monitor progress, we are using a system called Target Tracker.  Using this system, assessments can be recorded, tracked and analysed across the whole school to ensure that the progress of all children towards both the year group and end of key stage expectations is closely monitored.

Along with the removals of levels, the testing and assessment arrangements at the end of key stage 1 and 2 have also changed.  A number of different tests have been introduced, and the children’s attainment in these tests will be shown using scaled scores, where a score of 100 represents the ‘expected standard’.  Teacher assessments will also be made in reading, writing, maths and science to show whether pupils have met the required standard at the end of each key stage.

If you would like to learn more about the background to these changes, our approach to assessment and the detailed arrangements for assessment and reporting at the end of each key stage, please read Assessment at Fairfield Infant and Colneis Junior – Information for Parents.