PHSE coverage Autumn Term 2014

Year 1: How do I feel? (transition and feelings) How have I changed? (Science link) Body parts (Science link) The School Community.

Year 2: Friendships, How have I changed? People who help us (Literacy/ Topic link), The School Community.

Year 3: The Local Community (Topic/ Literacy link), Media Influence (Maths link), E-Safety (Computing link)

Year 4: How to be an effective learner, Friendships (understanding the consequences of their behaviour and actions)

Year 5: Looking Forward, Healthy Lifestyle including knowledge of the effects of alcohol and tobacco (Science), Road safety and risk management.

Year 6: Crucial Crew (drugs/alcohol, fire safety, stranger danger, road safety, health, life saving, law and anti-social behaviour), E-Safety (computing), fundraising (Children in Need)

Whole school:

  • Imbedding the Be the Best You Can Be values within all teaching and learning.
  • Building Learning Powers (BLP) and MaST superheroes to enable independent, inquisitive learners.
  • Anti-Bullying week is 17th – 21st November 2014.
  • Throughout the term parents/ carers are often invited in to work with their children to support their learning.